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The Power of Patience

“For man to understand the glory of his own light and to be able to get to the top of his tree, he first must learn what it is to climb the trunk, to have the skins upon his knees, and to feel the bruises upon his hands, and to know that even in him, there is a lion that stands tall in the roar he must make, in order to be heard.”

                                                                                                      --The Guides



If you live life trying to overcome your past, you must learn to be patient with yourself.  If you cannot do that, you lose track of who you are and what you can have.  It is important to realize the power of patience and being loyal to you.


We all must shed our baby teeth to make room for the permanent ones that help us nourish ourselves. Your soul has “baby teeth” that must be shed.  You have many faces that must be viewed.  As a soul, you create your emotional tangles to experience all the feelings they cause. The test is in how you handle them.


If you are not patient, you cannot look at yourself evenly.  When you are the subject of your own impatience, you create hardships that actually undercut your wisdom and experience.  You lose track of your own values and forget how to honor you as a spiritual being.


Patience is learned through repetition.  You know alot about you, but you must learn humility.  When you are humble, you find a part of you buried deep inside.  You lose those fences you created that have closed you off from the world.  You start feeling good about your own soul and begin to treat yourself more gently.


When you try to prove to everyone else how much you are worth to them, you create a burden you do not need to carry.  You start promoting yourself to them one way, but when you see how others actually see you, you are let down. You begin to believe that no one is for you, so you disappear inside yourself. 


You have taken many turns in life that have caused you to rely on others too much.  You end up losing the ability to watch for the signs that appear when life becomes too stressful.  That is only because you have lost patience with others… and you.


It takes a long time to overcome “the climb over somebody else’s tree.”  It takes a short time to come into your own and know how to climb your own tree.  Many people have difficulty trying to find where they belong…trying to find the tree that gives them the greatest height.  There is no one journey in this life that is better for you than another.  Learn how to see you as a spiritual being.  Know what makes you feel good about you. Know that the best journey for you is the one that makes you feel more patient with you about you.


Making choices is uncomfortable.  You have to lose sight of where you have been and think about where you want to go. That can create worry.  If you do not have patience with yourself, you lose sight of your own glory.  You become your own burden and feel “left out.” You feel removed from the reality of life and battle with the limitations placed upon you. 


You can choose many different paths to follow, but believe it or not, the one that is best for you is the one that creates a burden you must learn to shed. No path in life is simple, just as no path in life is hard.  You must feel fulfilled in the path you follow. The only way to know how to feel that is to feel the load it creates.  You can cherish moments in your past, but they are only important to you if they help you secure the future you seek for yourself and those you love. 


There are many ways to develop patience.  The first way is learning to trust.  Trust in yourself, especially in your needs.  Many souls do not know how to trust their needs.  They go back and forth-- over what it is they really want and why they want it. 


Sometimes life has no explanation.  Sometimes the journey you seek has none.  Sometimes you must learn to open your mind and choose the journey that fits you best in the moment. Unless you trust your own place in life, you will never feel good about yourself. You will become angry and tired, making you feel impatient with yourself-- as if you stand shadowed by others, rather than in your own light.


The second way to develop patience is to learn forgiveness. Forgive others, but more importantly, forgive you.  We all regret the paths we took that felt wrong.  In actuality, you can look back at your past and focus on the goodness of it, the worth of it.  You cannot change the past.  All you can do is accept it. The only way to do that is to truly see the good and bad in it and blend it as one.


Learning how to forgive yourself creates many hurdles.  Most of the time, you keep repeating the same struggle to help you forget your past, to keep you focused in the moment, to keep you from looking at where you have already been that hurts so badly.  Forgive yourself by looking truthfully at the gain and loss of doing just that. Realize the value of it, so you can understand the truth in it. By doing that, you learn patience.


The third way to develop patience is to trust in your own wisdom.  Sometimes life does not add up.  Sometimes life does not mean anything beyond what it is.  You can secretly hold many thoughts within you, but you have to know what it is in you that makes you who you are.  That takes wisdom.  It does not take life as you have lived it every day.  It takes a knowing, an understanding of you. 


When you can truly begin to see the humor in you, you can truly find your wisdom.  The Guides say, 

“The older that you gain in yourself toward who you are, the wiser you feel towards your heartaches. You will create more understanding, and you will become wiser in undertaking your journey.”



If you do not trust in your wisdom—your knowing, you will always leave behind a part of you that does not feel secure. You will run from it, because you are afraid to see it. When you learn to listen to your heart, you find an anchor that is strong.  You learn to look at yourself differently and evenly, and you begin to believe. 


To learn patience, trust you.  Forgive who you are, and trust in your wisdom, your knowledge, and your belief in the best part of you.  Those three things will give you patience. They will teach you how to better handle you and will give you a purpose beyond you. 




There will always be challenges around you, but none that are greater than you.



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