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Exercise--Visualize Your Woods

You are going for a walk in the woods.

Smell the air. Look at what’s around you.

When you feel you have a good sense of what’s
in your woods...let go.

My Interpretation:


If woods are cluttered with overgrowth, leaves---You spent so much time surviving without a focus. Simplify. Escape the hectic pace.


If leaves were on ground---Let things go. Decide what you want to give life to.


Pine straw—Something’s needling you.


If you was fall---Sweep it away. Simplify. Get into a better place.


If you noticed birds---You are aware of messages coming. You are taught to listen what’s important to you.


If the woods were open---You are highly organized. You are at peace. This doesn’t mean you have all that life has to offer. You are becoming aware of what life has to offer to you.


Gravel road—Things don’t feel solid to you. Things have been broken up.


Sun and beautiful day—You are aware of your blessings. It's a good thing.


Smells—That’s great. Smell the coffee. Taste your life.

Green ferns on ground—Things are alive and in order. You are in a time of tremendous growth.


Looking toward the river—Water is emotion. You are trying to embrace the emotions. Follow them.



In summary...

Take each and say, “Today, my day is cluttered. Tomorrow, my forest will be cleared out.”

Your past is something you embrace as long as you need to. The key to healing it is to think of it only every now and them and acknowledge overcoming it when you do.

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