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Exercise--Your Daily Mantra

This exercise was given to me by The Guides
to help you have a better month.


Print out this page.
Cut each “mantra” out, fold it up, and put it in a bowl. 


Each morning, draw one and remember
what it’s trying to teach you throughout the day.

Place it back in the bowl.


Try it for a month. If you keep drawing the same mantra,
you still need to learn that lesson.

Daily Mantras:

“Make a difference in someone’s life today. Look for them. Someone needs you."


“Don’t pass anything up. Look for all that is there. Nothing is by accident." 



“Pause. Think things through.  Pause.  Think through.”



“Remember why you are here.  Remember to look for what you need to experience. If you are in a situation, there is a reason why you are in it. Know the experience you are seeking as a human or a soul. We have to live physically, so it’s important to be involved physically.”


“No one places limits on you today but you. Be aware of how many limits you have put on you today, i.e. ‘I can’t do this!' Remember: No one places limits on you today but you.”



“No ‘ordering’ you.  Don’t try to order you to do anything. Be aware that you have the power. There are no orders. You are given freedom. Anything you’re in...somehow, someway, you’ll find out where the freedom is or where the door is opening. There’s always an escape. Look for it.”



"When you are overly concerned about something, it’s because you are afraid of the past reoccurring-- what did happen, not what’s going to happen. Look at it differently."



“No quick judgments. Be open. Don’t judge anyone or anything.”

“Recognize the worth of everyone and everything that happens today. What is the value? Why is it there?”


“You are in the control seat of your life.  Don’t look for the easy way out. Life is full of storms.  Put your head in it and go through it.”


“Learn for you. This won't benefit anyone else but you. The principles you put in your life today are there for you and your learning-- not someone else's.”


“Be aware of your inner faith…your God. If you listen to how you talk to you, you’ll realize the betrayal you are having toward your God. Be aware of what you say over and over to yourself today.”

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